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A post at SLUniverse announces that attorney Frank Taney will be talking about “Trademarks for Virtual World Related Businesses” in Second Life on Friday, June 6 from 2:30 to 4 pm Pacific time at UBM Think Services’ home (SLURL). From the post: Frank will address a variety of topics sure to be of interest to [...]

Last year, an ambiguous 9th Circuit ruling in Fair Housing Council v. muddied the waters of Section 230 immunity under the Communications Decency Act by suggesting that if a provider selects which content to allow or edits user created content, it could lose immunity for content it misses, and thus be held liable for [...]

The Second Life Herald recently reported that the IRS issued a ruling that the Electric Sheep Company’s Second Life greeters for its CSI:NY promotion were “employees” rather than contractors, implicating greater tax withholding and reporting requirements and raising questions for other virtual world businesses. Giff Constable, Electric Sheep Company’s VP of Operations and Strategy, commented [...]

New World Notes is running an item expanding on CNN iReports coverage of an ongoing investigation by Playboy into trademark infringement in Second Life. The original report isn’t sourced, outside from identifying a couple of Playboy representatives visiting a potentially infringing display in the virtual world, but New World Notes tracked down Playboy Island manager [...]

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