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The Second Life Herald recently reported that the IRS issued a ruling that the Electric Sheep Company’s Second Life greeters for its CSI:NY promotion were “employees” rather than contractors, implicating greater tax withholding and reporting requirements and raising questions for other virtual world businesses. Giff Constable, Electric Sheep Company’s VP of Operations and Strategy, commented [...]

Last night’s Second Life-centered CSI:NY episode was exactly what it was supposed to be: an entertaining 42 minute cops and robbers network television show that touched on law and technology, without exploring either in depth. Regular readers will recall that I don’t like these shows generally, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I didn’t [...]

I’ve been piling these up for a while. A couple are related to virtual law, but most are self-indulgent fun. Settle in, grab your favorite beverage, and get your mouse finger ready. I’m cleaning out my link bucket. “Get My FBI File” walks you through the process of doing exactly that. Your mileage may vary. [...]