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Virtually Blind periodically runs “quicklinks” — items that are not long enough for a full story, but are worth a click. Here’s the current batch. The Chartered Institute of Taxation will be conducting a seminar on virtual world tax issues at Second Life’s Depo Business Park on Tuesday, the 2nd of December at 3:30pm GMT [...]

There are three new filings in the SLART trademark suit.? First, Philip Rosedale and Mitch Kapor have filed a Motion to Dismiss (.zip, w/exhibits) arguing that Minsky’s fraud claims lack sufficient specificity.? Minsky has responded (.zip, w/exhibits), and has also filed an Answer (.zip, w/exhibits) to Linden Lab’s counterclaims. There’s not too much to say [...]

This is an update in the MDY v. Blizzard case.? Sort of.? Here’s the deal — people who have nothing to do with a case sometimes file motions in U.S. Courts.? These motions usually take the form of the amicus brief filed earlier by Public Knowledge, a digital rights advocacy group. But sometimes they take [...]

“SLART” trademark-registrant Richard Minsky and Linden Lab have filed a joint stipulation (.pdf) agreeing to extend a Temporary Restraining Order covering claims of use of “SLART” in Second Life through trial.? In legalese, the agreement turns the TRO into a “Preliminary Injunction.” Linden Lab had previously indicated it would contest entry of a Preliminary Injunction, [...]

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