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Linden Lab announced today that it reached a confidential settlement with Marc Bragg which allows Bragg to return to Second Life as avatar ‘Marc Woebegone.’ Bragg had brought suit against Linden Lab in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania after Linden Lab revoked his Second Life account claiming that Bragg purchased virtual land at far less [...]

There are two developments in Bragg v. Linden Lab this week. First, Marc Bragg made several new discovery documents available on his website. Second, Linden Lab responded to Bragg’s motion to dismiss Linden Lab’s counterclaims, providing more detail on its claim that Bragg used an exploit to buy land at less than its full value. [...]

Discovery is heating up in the Bragg v. Linden Lab case, and Marc Bragg has posted a number of related documents on his web site. First, we now have Bragg’s initial set of responses to interrogatories (.pdf). His primary arguments (which you’re probably already familiar with from his recent motion to dismiss) are laid out [...]

Plaintiff Marc Bragg has filed a new Rule 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss (.pdf) regarding Linden Lab’s counterclaims against him, and a supporting brief (.pdf). Some readers will recall that Bragg already filed a 12(b)(6) motion but after he did, Linden Lab amended its complaint. The amendment added quotations from chat logs that shed light on [...]

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