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A judgment by consent (.pdf) was filed today in the copyright and trademark lawsuit six Second Life content creators brought against Thomas Simon (avatar ‘Rase Kenzo’) last month. In the judgment — which still must be “entered” by the court to take effect — Simon agrees to a number of terms and conditions, including the [...]

Virtual law is in the mainstream news media today. The recently-filed lawsuit in which six major Second Life designers are suing Thomas Simon, a New York man who allegedly used the avatar ‘Rase Kenzo’ to make thousands of copies best-selling in-world items, has landed on the front page of the inimitable New York Post. The [...]

Six major Second Life content creators have filed a lawsuit (.pdf) in the Eastern District of New York claiming copyright and trademark infringement against Second Life user Thomas Simon of New York, who allegedly exploited a flaw in the Second Life software to duplicate thousands of copies of the creators’ products. Simon allegedly sold copies [...]