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Eros, LLC, a Second Life adult-animation creator, has reached a settlement with Robert Leatherwood of North Richland Hills, Texas, originally known only as Second Life avatar ‘Volkov Catteneo.’ Frank Taney, the attorney for Eros, said, “We’ve reached a settlement. The terms include an agreement that Leatherwood will not do any more copying.” According to Taney, [...]

I’m a bit behind the news here as I was on the road this week, but Reuters confirmed that the fictitious defendant named in Eros’ copyright and trademark lawsuit last fall was correctly identified in court papers as Robert Leatherwood of North Richland Hills, Texas (see VB’s earlier coverage for details). The confirmation is hardly [...]

As virtual worlds continue suffering through legal growing pains, both mainstream press and the blogosphere are covering virtual law more often. There are a number of errors that pop up in these stories with surprising regularity. Here, in the opinion of VB’s editor, are the top five fumbles. Fumble #5: “The cases are settling, so [...]

A default judgment (.pdf) was recently entered for Eros, LLC of Lutz, Florida against defendant Robert Leatherwood of North Richland Hills, Texas, by the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Eros originally brought the suit against a fictitious defendant (also known as a “John Doe” defendant) who was identified in the [...]

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