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This is an update in the MDY v. Blizzard case.? Sort of.? Here’s the deal — people who have nothing to do with a case sometimes file motions in U.S. Courts.? These motions usually take the form of the amicus brief filed earlier by Public Knowledge, a digital rights advocacy group. But sometimes they take [...]

The judge in MDY v. Blizzard has issued an order (.pdf) denying Blizzard’s request for a permanent injunction which would have effectively shut down MDY’s operations in advance of trial.? For the full background of this suit, see Virtually Blind’s complete coverage of MDY v. Blizzard. Blizzard had asked for several extraordinary measures, including prohibiting [...]

World of Warcraft player Antonio Hernandez filed a motion claiming he has settled his dispute with virtual property dealer Internet Gaming Entertainment and asking the court for permission to file the settlement “under seal” (.pdf), but Judge James I. Cohn of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida refused to allow [...]

I recently came across a press release issued by the law firm of Brackman and Brackman (via Galelio Law, a companion blog to the Virtual Worlds Law Library), announcing the confidential settlement of a business conflict amongst avatars.? According to the parties, the dispute, over a Second Life property called “Sailor’s Cove,” ended amicably.? I [...]

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