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A reader sent me a link last week to a pretty incredible article in the Maxwell/Gunter Dispatch reporting that Professor George Stein, the Director of the Cyberspace and Information Operations Study Center at the Air Force’s Air War College (“The Intellectual and Leadership Center of the Air Force”) told people attending a seminar on security [...]

I recently came across an audio recording of Second Life founder ‘Philip Linden’ (Philip Rosedale) speaking at Second Life’s first birthday (.mp3), a bit over four years ago.? Philip is addressing a crowd of avatars in-world at what was one of the first voice events in Second Life.? Though there’s no single, big virtual law [...]

Last year, an ambiguous 9th Circuit ruling in Fair Housing Council v. muddied the waters of Section 230 immunity under the Communications Decency Act by suggesting that if a provider selects which content to allow or edits user created content, it could lose immunity for content it misses, and thus be held liable for [...]

The Metaverse Journal posted a podcast on legal issues in virtual worlds today. It features an interview with Dr. Melissa de Zwart, Law Faculty Senior Lecturer at Australia’s Monash University. This is a great podcast covering a wide range of topics, and it is particularly nice to get an international perspective on these issues.

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