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A lucky search at the USPTO turned up Patent No. 7,117,136 (.pdf) describing a whole-body input device with built-in force feedback.? The patent issued to Second Life founder and former Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale in 2006, and has been assigned to Linden Lab. How does it work?? “An input and feedback system for use [...]

Movable Life is a relatively new web-based Second Life viewer run by a Japanese company called 3Di. It lets users log in to Second Life over a simple web site and perform a few basic functions, primarily chat. It is currently in alpha, but it already shows some real promise. Unfortunately, Movable Life’s Terms of [...]

I recently zeroed in on a clause in Second Life’s Terms of Service which, if enforced, renders all patents — even pre-existing ones — functionally worthless against Second Life infringers. This comes via a presentation (.pdf) from Fernando Barrio, a Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University. I think you had to be there to follow [...]

Readers may recall that World of Warcraft operator Blizzard is involved in a suit with MDY Industries over the popular World of Warcraft automation program “WoW Glider” (recently renamed MMO Glider). MDY brought this lawsuit seeking a declaratory judgment that MDY does not violate Blizzard’s intellectual property rights by selling the Glider program. There’s a [...]

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