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We periodically run “Virtual Law Quicklinks” whenever we have a backlog of interesting items that aren’t big enough for full posts. Here’s today’s batch. Eros, the virtual adult-animation company owned by Second Life’s ‘Stroker Serpentine,’ has secured registration for the “SexGen” trademark.? Eros has been at the center of two lawsuits over in-world copyright and [...]

This edition of the site’s Reading Room (the first of two this week) features a student paper addressing the application of the privacy tort “intrusion on seclusion” to virtual worlds.? The paper, Common Law Privacy in a Not So Common World: Prospects for the Tort of Intrusion upon Seclusion in Virtual Worlds (.pdf), is exclusively [...]

At what point do we know that technology has gone too far? Looking back at historical waypoints, the answer is easy…when it’s too late. The latest in the line of totally amazing and potentially scary products has emerged. Emotiv, a San Francisco-based (take that, Silicon Valley) tech company has created the new EPOC neuroheadset, which [...]

The government may run a research project on public data in games. Yawn. I was really hoping not to cover this, but the coverage I keep seeing is so over-the-top (e.g. TERRORISTS IN WORLD OF WARCRAFT!) that, having actually read the report in question, I’d be remiss not to at least briefly comment. Here’s the [...]