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The Metaverse Journal posted a podcast on legal issues in virtual worlds today. It features an interview with Dr. Melissa de Zwart, Law Faculty Senior Lecturer at Australia’s Monash University. This is a great podcast covering a wide range of topics, and it is particularly nice to get an international perspective on these issues.

The Second Life News Network is running a short piece on another scam in Second Life. This time it’s someone allegedly selling empty boxes labeled as celebrity skins via an in-world store called “Like a Celebrity.” The alleged scammer used the avatar ‘Brenda Balczo’ (‘Balczo’ did not respond to a request for an interview). The [...]

The Second Life Herald posted an interesting note today about a Second Life store called “Body Doubles.” Body Doubles (operated by ‘Persia Christensen’) sells avatar skins and shapes that resemble celebrities. The right at issue is the “right of publicity.” Unlike copyright, trademark, or patent law, there’s no federal framework for the right of publicity [...]