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You probably haven’t heard of Joshua Zarwel (Second Life’s ‘Teufel Hauptmann’), but he was the very first person I thought of when Linden Lab banned banking last week. ‘Hauptmann’ doesn’t get a lot of press. He’s never been accused of insider trading or blackmail in the Second Life Herald, he doesn’t spend much money on [...]

As virtual worlds continue suffering through legal growing pains, both mainstream press and the blogosphere are covering virtual law more often. There are a number of errors that pop up in these stories with surprising regularity. Here, in the opinion of VB’s editor, are the top five fumbles. Fumble #5: “The cases are settling, so [...]

Metanomics, the popular in-world speaker series, will feature a panel discussion today at 11:00 AM Second Life time (Pacific) on virtual world banking and the recent Linden Lab banking policy change that effectively ends all unlicensed banking activity in Second Life. I will be on the panel, along with Jillian Falconi, an Innovation Consultant with [...]

Linden Lab has announced a new policy regarding banking, essentially shutting down dozens of largely insolvent self-styled “banks” in Second Life. There are open questions regarding the impact on other institutions, and undoubtedly, one or two legitimate operations will be caught in this net. That is undeniably unfortunate, but the vast majority of “banks” in [...]

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