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This edition of the site’s Reading Room (the first of two this week) features a student paper addressing the application of the privacy tort “intrusion on seclusion” to virtual worlds.? The paper, Common Law Privacy in a Not So Common World: Prospects for the Tort of Intrusion upon Seclusion in Virtual Worlds (.pdf), is exclusively [...]

Last year, an ambiguous 9th Circuit ruling in Fair Housing Council v. muddied the waters of Section 230 immunity under the Communications Decency Act by suggesting that if a provider selects which content to allow or edits user created content, it could lose immunity for content it misses, and thus be held liable for [...]

According to the official site, Second Life’s Ginko Financial is selling a Xeon 5160 server on eBay. So far, no one has met the opening bid of $3200. Ginko Financial was a self-styled Second Life bank that collapsed last summer. It owed depositors approximately US $750,000 when it closed its doors. Ginko’s collapse is widely [...]

As virtual worlds continue suffering through legal growing pains, both mainstream press and the blogosphere are covering virtual law more often. There are a number of errors that pop up in these stories with surprising regularity. Here, in the opinion of VB’s editor, are the top five fumbles. Fumble #5: “The cases are settling, so [...]

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