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The Court in the Bragg case recently issued two Orders. One is available as a .pdf here, and the other is linked here (though the second link is broken as of posting). It appears by the title of the second Order (“Scheduling Order – Trial Pool December 17, 2007″) that a trial date has been [...]

I’m going to track this case somewhat more closely going forward as the discovery process is about to get underway. Taking a close look at court filings is a new feature for VB, and regular readers will notice that these posts contain only a tiny bit of opinion and not much personality at all. That’s [...]

I still hate “There” more than any other piece of software I’ve ever used to interact with other people (and I’ve used Groupwise, so that’s saying something) but enough lectures and panels on virtual law are scheduled at the State of Play Academy over the next few months that readers who can stomach There’s counterintuitive [...]