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I recently ran across a story about a dustup over alleged misuse of the “Miss Universe” trademark in Second Life (via Twisted and Tawdry).? Cutting through the drama (and there’s plenty, if your drama levels are low) the story appears to be that “The Trump Organization” — as in Donald — is enforcing its “Miss [...]

There are three new filings in the SLART trademark suit.? First, Philip Rosedale and Mitch Kapor have filed a Motion to Dismiss (.zip, w/exhibits) arguing that Minsky’s fraud claims lack sufficient specificity.? Minsky has responded (.zip, w/exhibits), and has also filed an Answer (.zip, w/exhibits) to Linden Lab’s counterclaims. There’s not too much to say [...]

“SLART” trademark-registrant Richard Minsky and Linden Lab have filed a joint stipulation (.pdf) agreeing to extend a Temporary Restraining Order covering claims of use of “SLART” in Second Life through trial.? In legalese, the agreement turns the TRO into a “Preliminary Injunction.” Linden Lab had previously indicated it would contest entry of a Preliminary Injunction, [...]

As Second Life’s ‘Juris Amat,’ attorney Tamiko Franklin founded the non-profit Virtual Intellectual Property Organization, ran for and won a seat on the SL Bar Association’s 2008-2009 Executive Board, and regularly gives presentations in-world on legal issues, but at the moment, she is best known as the lawyer helping Richard Minsky navigate the nuances of [...]

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