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At least for now, this is my final post at Virtually Blind.? It’s been a blast, but personal and professional obligations have taken center stage, and at the moment, I just do not have time to keep posting at the rate VB’s readers have come to expect.? The site will remain online as a research [...]

As part of ramping back up to full-time coverage at VB, I’m going to do some minor site updates, and update my virtual world presence. Nothing drastic re: the site — an updated banner, a few visual tweaks, and some behind-the-scenes WordPress patches that I’ve been putting off. Let me know if you have any [...]

Virtually Blind will be relatively quiet for the next few weeks as my wife and I adjust to being parents. Our first child, a darling little girl we’ve named Charlotte, joined us very early this morning. She and her mom (who made a rare virtual world appearance last week for this screenshot) are both doing [...]

Today, March 31, is the last day to register for the Virtual Law Conference in New York City, April 3-4. Registration ends at 11:59 eastern time (8:59 Pacific). Your registration fee for the conference also covers entrance to the “Virtual Worlds 2008” conference (which runs concurrently) and all associated events. According to the organizers, over [...]

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