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As Second Life’s ‘Juris Amat,’ attorney Tamiko Franklin founded the non-profit Virtual Intellectual Property Organization, ran for and won a seat on the SL Bar Association’s 2008-2009 Executive Board, and regularly gives presentations in-world on legal issues, but at the moment, she is best known as the lawyer helping Richard Minsky navigate the nuances of [...]

I recently came across a press release issued by the law firm of Brackman and Brackman (via Galelio Law, a companion blog to the Virtual Worlds Law Library), announcing the confidential settlement of a business conflict amongst avatars.? According to the parties, the dispute, over a Second Life property called “Sailor’s Cove,” ended amicably.? I [...]

The Second Life Herald recently reported that the IRS issued a ruling that the Electric Sheep Company’s Second Life greeters for its CSI:NY promotion were “employees” rather than contractors, implicating greater tax withholding and reporting requirements and raising questions for other virtual world businesses. Giff Constable, Electric Sheep Company’s VP of Operations and Strategy, commented [...]

A new, non-profit, legal services organization, the Virtual Intellectual Property Organization (VIPO), has opened in Second Life. VIPO advertises that it offers “accessible legal advice concerning virtual property, trade and commerce and the use of real life intellectual property in virtual worlds.” VIPO is the brainchild of Tamiko Franklin (Second Life’s ‘Juris Amat’). Franklin was [...]

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