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Guest Commentary – Part Two of VB’s Three-Part “Click to Agree” Series on Terms of Service and End User License Agreements in Major Games and Virtual Worlds Even in the largest online game experience, the player can always leave. This is the primary difference between a real world economy and a “virtual economy.” Much academic [...]

Guest Commentary – Part One of VB’s “Click to Agree” Series When you enter an online world or game, you have to click a little box or button and agree to a set of terms, usually called the “Terms of Service” (TOS) or the “End User License Agreement” (EULA). Although this kind of agreement (technically, [...]

Two weeks ago, when I started paying close attention to Ginko (full coverage here), a Second Life blogger (who I won’t name) emailed me this: Ultimately, all do-gooders like yourself have to ask yourself what can be done *when Linden Lab itself will do nothing.* That sounded like a challenge, and one that was worth [...]

VB’s coverage of Ginko continues to attract a lot of attention. Although I’m not running new stories on the subject at the moment (mainly because, from a legal perspective, there’s not much left to analyze right now) I want readers visiting the site for the first time to easily be able to find these articles. [...]

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