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Two weeks ago, when I started paying close attention to Ginko (full coverage here), a Second Life blogger (who I won’t name) emailed me this: Ultimately, all do-gooders like yourself have to ask yourself what can be done *when Linden Lab itself will do nothing.* That sounded like a challenge, and one that was worth [...]

VB’s coverage of Ginko continues to attract a lot of attention. Although I’m not running new stories on the subject at the moment (mainly because, from a legal perspective, there’s not much left to analyze right now) I want readers visiting the site for the first time to easily be able to find these articles. [...]

[Editor's Note, August 5, 2007: VB is providing ongoing coverage of the Ginko collapse in the comments to this article. I probably won't run further standalone articles unless criminal charges are brought, a lawsuit is filed, or Linden Lab takes action.] One more post on this and I’m punching the clock at the financial desk [...]

Well, here’s the big news: [20:05] Nicholas Portocarrero: The IPO is part of the process of a deal I have worked out with Allen, in order to acquire AVIX. Good luck, everyone.

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